Seva Group

Domestic Market

SEVA Group operates across a dynamic market which covers a large geographic area, which was formally known as Yugoslavia. Our business represents a number of brands across a growing population of 23million people and a highly developed tourist industry across Croatia & Montenegro. We are focused, when it comes to the domestic market, retail, HORECA and end-consumers. We are completely focused across the two largest channels: off-trade (grocery, independent retail, big chains, etc.) and the on-trade (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.).

These two routes to consumer require a broad range of different skills & capabilities, off-trade outlets need key accounts management skills and strong distribution networking, while on-trade outlets require interpersonal skills and direct sales experience. Sales in the on-trade is a matter of prestige and brand building, while in the off-trade the goal becomes mass and broad product availability. The two different channels deliver different outcomes for brand owners with the on-trade driving trial and brand equity, whilst the off-trade provides larger volume quantities and drives persuasion to a wider audience.

We operate offices in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and have distribution partners throughout the rest of the region. After 10 years of significant investment and hard work we are now widely considered as the leading distributor of premium drinks with the region and recognised for leading the alcohol category and developing new drinking occasions. Through our significant geographic scale and market knowledge our business has built industry leading capability on driving new distribution for existing brands and innovation – this has led to exclusive distribution across all key categories in premium spirits, wines, soft drinks & mixers.

We exclusively manage category leading brands incl Moet&Chandon, Dom Perignon, Hennessy, Belvedere, Campari group (Skyy, Grand Marnier, Ouzo), Monin France, Patron and Laurent Perrier. We are also delighted to share that in 2019 we launched our own Craft Beer brand into the market which has already seen significant success.