September 17, 2018

Crafted out of hardship and through overcoming challenges

Seva Duty Free. Remember the name, you’ll be hearing it a lot more. On Thursday I attended the Grand Opening of the company’s first duty free store, a border shop in the town of Metković on the Croatian side of the Bosnia and Herzegovina crossing (click here for an extensive Picture Gallery). I promise you, it won’t be their last.

This was preceded by a tour of the company’s bonded warehouse in Ploče, a splendid 4,300sq facility that services not just the Balkans region but much of the world. A facility, like the whole Seva Group empire, that was crafted out of hardship and through overcoming challenges.

Magnificent Mostar: A breathtaking view from the Stari Most.

After witnessing the landmark opening of the store, it was on by mini-van to magnificent Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, home town of Seva Group Founder and Owner Severino (‘Seva’) Pusic. The city straddles the Neretva River and is famous (among other things) for the wonderful Stari Most (Old Bridge), a reconstructed medieval arched bridge.

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